Usain Bolt’s Last Run

Hello fans of sports and fitness alike, welcome back to my blog! I am going to jump right into it here, as I believe this topic deserves to have the most characters possible. Usain Bolt. The man is a legend, now 30 years old and still the fastest man in the world. The man has 16 corporate sponsors, and each of them considers themselves to have the best spokesperson in the sporting world. After last summer, Bolt has now won three sprint gold medals in his third consecutive Olympic games, an absolutely outstanding feat. Now, he is getting ready for his final run, as bunch of competitions that will end in the World Championships in London this year. This finale will not bring nearly as much attention as he did in the Olympics last year, so why retire now instead of then when he was at the peak of fame?

Saying Goodbye

The answer? His fans. According to Bolt, this is a farewell tour to say goodbye to his fans and thank them for everything. There is nothing else left to prove for Bolt, so there really is no better reason. No matter how he finished during his last lap, we all know it is the relationship he has with his fans that pushes him to continue at this point. This means that of course there will be plenty of screaming fans in London as Bolt transitions from world’s fastest man to a party going philanthropist. The real Bolt performance started 10 years ago, when he broke the 100 metre record and then again broke his own record during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Ever since then, he has been a dominating force in the sport of sprinting. For all he has done for the fans, for his country and his sports I say well done Mr.Bolt. Well done.

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