Ryan O’Callaghan Comes Out


Hello sports fans, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. I wanted to talk about something that I found really cool the other day. Former New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Ryan O’Callaghan came out publicly as gay on Tuesday. He divulged this in a story for Outsports that had details about how he had to hide his sexuality from not only his family, but his coaches and teammates as well.

O’Callaghan talked about finding out his true sexuality in junior high school but that he hasn’t been able to come out to anyone until now that his career is over. He admitted to a long time abuse of painkiller(which is not unheard of in the NFL) which is what started his first counselling sessions. He said that playing the game from the University of California to the NFL was largely to help hide his sexuality as no one would assume the big football player is gay.

He stated that the painkiller abuse was not only for injuries sustained while he played, but also to help manage the turmoil his mind was going through over his sexuality. After his career has finished he has planned to kill himself, but thanks to the extraordinary efforts of a counselor who worked with the Chiefs he changed his mind.

Something great to hear from O’Callaghan is that in his time playing in the NFL he never hears a fellow NFL player use a gay slur. He still felt uncomfortable at times, which is understandable to anyone who follows NFL players and knows how time they will talk about women if given the chance.

Ryan O'Callaghan