Keep Cool on you Bike

Hey readers, Ron here (or admin as the blog posts keep calling me) and I am back with some more cycling tips on my sports and fitness blog. Cycling is great, there are so many health benefits to be had, on top of feeling amazing since since you are getting some exercise and fresh air. Summer is the perfect time to do that; the sun is up in the sky most of the day making it nice and hot out so you can sweat away all those extra pounds. If you want to make your summer even hotter, you should do the same thing I do and make sure all your new gear comes from so you get the guaranteed best price. I shop on there all the time, and have made myself a whole summer biking outfit from the clothes that I boughtSummer Cycling

Cycling Shirt

When you are training for your next triathlon and running for 10 kilometers before hopping on your bike for another 30, you don’t want your shirt to be soaked with sweat half way through. Instead why not consider getting a cycling shirt, like the ones for sale on Some of the shirts there are actually really good, I have bought some compression tops and some loose fitting tops there and they were all high quality. With cycling, there are certain areas of your body that will sweat more than others, so try and find a shirt that has these parts semi-exposed.

cycling shirt

Bike Jeans

Moving your legs in that circular motion over and over will not only wear your legs out, but wear your pants out as well. I prefer to wear a pair of biking jeans, they are pretty tight but they don’t get tighter with sweat which is the main thing to me. Looking at the different bike jeans I got pretty confused about what ones would be est, but after comparing prices and specs on there were some great pairs that I bought. If you don’t want to wear jeans when you are cycling no worries, you can also find plenty of nice compression pants and legging from companies like 2X US.

Bike Jeans

Your Bike

Well you can’t go for a bike ride without your bike! That’s why they call it bike riding. Remember that if you are going on a longer trip in the summer that you should be well prepared, stock up on water and if you are going to be biking outside of major areas then make sure you have some small snacks and a communication device. I hope you all enjoyed this post and maybe even learnt something new. Make sure to click that little star or book button in your browser so that we get added to your favourites and you can see all of the latest posts on Cycling Now. Talk to you again soon.