One 2 One Cycle Training

Cycling Now is offering on behalf of Swindon Travel Choices a free 2 hour  One 2 One cycle training session with one of our experienced National Standard Cycling Instructors. The session is tailored to the aims and objectives of the individual cyclist attending the course. The bespoke session is for new cyclist or those returning to cycling who feel they need a few skills to improve their confidence. We pride ourselves on make the sessions informative, relaxing and enjoyable.

Course subjects

All our courses are based on the 3 Levels of the National Standard for Cycle Training which is accredited by the Department of Transport. Full details can be found here.

Bespoke Course

When booking a session the cyclist needs to let the instructor know what they want from the session. The session starts with a bike safety check and an assessment of present riding skills. We then build on this at a pace which suits the cyclist. The sessions are very relaxed and the cyclist always sets the pace. The instructor demonstrates new skills for the cyclist to follow.learn. Each session is progressive.

Basic Cycling Skills – Learn how to complete a bike safety check, to start and stop a bike ride, look over your shoulder and signal while riding, to use cycle paths, make a trip on a quite road in light traffic, increase awareness of traffic. To improve confidence while riding on cycle paths & quite roads, how how to repair a puncture.

Intermediate Cycling Skills – To improve confidence while cycling on roads with light or increased traffic, manoeuvre on basic road junctions and improve awareness of traffic as a cyclist.

Advance Cycling Skills – Manoeuvre on complex road layouts. Large round-abouts, lane traffic, traffic lights and filters.  Improve awareness of fast moving traffic. Guide to cycle touring or cycle challenges.


Who will benefit?

The sessions are for anyone who wants to increase their road skills with a bicycle. Open for complete beginners and to those who want to get more out of cycling. 

Where are the sessions?

Your choice. Let Cycling Now know the area you would like the training to take place and we will come to you. Before we arrive we would have done a risk assessment of the area and assessed suitability for the training you require.

How to book?

Just ring or email Cycling Now to book a course and discuss the program which will suit you cycling needs.

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