Cycling Gear You Need


Hey everyone, it is time for another post on my sports and fitness blog! My name is Cycling Ron, and I am so so excited for you all to be here reading this today. I was just out on doing some training for my next triathlon and I found out that there is a little hole in my bike shorts! Oh no! These are my favourite shorts, and I can’t believe they are finally ripping. That just means that I have some short shopping to do, and for that I always read over to which is my favourite fashion website ever. I got all my biking gear off this site, and honestly after getting this stuff I noticed a nice decrease in my 5 kilometer time, which is always the goal!


Compression Shorts

If you are going to be riding a bicycle for anything but leisure purposes then you need to be wearing compression shorts. Compression shorts help to keep the hair on your legs down, giving you the little bit less resistance from the wind when you are going down the road. You might think that this is not a big deal, but having compression shorts can actually shave off a couple of crucial seconds in the race. I just had to get some more shorts, and I got a a really cheap pair of used compression shorts at that are going to arrive soon. So excited!

 Compression shorts

Bike Gloves

Any of you who have ever ridden your bike for longer than 30 minutes will know the pain that comes from having blisters all up and down your palm. I had ones a couple of years ago that were so bad I have a blister scar from them under my middle finger. After that terrible time, I went online immediately and bought a pair of used bike gloves. I got my pair online at and they arried within a couple days. I had previously ordered some from that worked really good and were a nice neoprene, but my dog had to find them and show them who’s boss. Bike Gloves

Biking Shoes

Just like needing training shoes for doing squats at the gym you need biking shoes for going biking, well, anywhere. I love my bicycle shoes, I actually had to buy a second pair so that I can wear these when I walk around and not damage the ones I use while biking. When looking at bicycle shoes, make sure that you pick ones that are not too big, but more loose than most workout shoes. This helps your foot to have more room when moving around with the pedal. I recommend looking at some big companies like Nike or Adidas at first, and if you cannot find something that fits then head down to your local running and cycling shop. You may need to be fitted for a shoe personally and the staff at these places are more than able to help you with that.