Cycle Workshop

The CN Workshop is here to help you get up and running on your bike. We have everything from helpful tip on keeping your bike in good order to courses on a range of bike maintenance projects. Need a bike part or like to have one of our mechanics to come over to fix your bike? Or perhaps need a second hand bike to get you to work or start you out on your first bike? If so this maybe the Swindon site for you.

Bike Maintenance Courses

A list of bike maintenance workshop projects run in the evening and at weekends for  the complete beginner and the more experienced to courses for family groups, women only and young people.

bicycle maintenanceHelpful Tips

Have a problem that needs solving? We have a list of links to sites which may help. Still can’t find what you are looking for?  The send us a mail and we can try and you give the answer.

The Mobile Bike Shed

Send us a mail or ring and we will come and fix your bike at your home or if bigger job collect and return.

Spare Parts

We can supply you with spare part, new or reconditioned.


We have a number of second hand bikes which are fully serviced and ready to go.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bicycle Maintenance For All


bike maintenance check

Bike Maintenance Check


cycle course swindon

Cycle Course Swindon


cycle maintenance

Cycle Maintenance


Maintenance Course

Cycle Maintenance Course

Cycle Maintenance 


 cycle maintenance

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